Q. Do you provide flight instruction?

  • We can provide BFR's, but check out https://www.wingsflighttraining.net/ for more information on obtaining a certificate!

Q. What do you specialize in?

  • We specialize in Cirrus Aircraft and Piper Cheyenne maintenance.


Q. What services do you provide?

  • Full maintenance FBO
  • 24 hour 100 low lead
  • Full service Jet A with single point available


Q. What are your current fuel prices?

  • 100 low lead $4.55/GAL
  • Jet $4.70/GAL


Q. What are your FBO operating hours?

  • Monday through Friday 8 to 5


Q. Are after hour services available?

  • Yes, please call ahead to make arrangements!


Q. Where can I get something to eat?

  • The airport is located 2 miles from downtown Detroit lakes, MN where there is lots of places to get something great to eat.


Q. What major credit cards do you accept?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • MultiService


Q. Do you have hangars available?

  • Most of the time we can provide an overnight hangar with advanced notice.


Q. What is available for car rental?

  • Local car rental is available through Neresons at 218-847-5688. We also have a crew car available.